Highlights of the City, Cultural, Colonial and Historical Tours

Tour Description

NUMBER OF GUESTS: 50 to 600 Guests in 3 different tour programs
TOURS DURATION: 2,50 to 4,00 hours
TOURS VEHICLE: Buses, Walk, Mini-van and Jeep
GUIDES: English German French Italian

Tour Itinerary

Visit the Islands and the Cities of Cape verde, Tourist Attracions and Destinations, the most representative elements of their colonial history, museums and culture. Have some fun with, ,do some shopping, enjoys the great enviroment of the capeverdeans in a short guided visit, and return to the ship after 2 or 3 hours in town only, with the satisfaction of one more remarkable walk.
This is the option of many guests. On the same concept of discovery, adventure and fun, we have created along these 22 years of criativity and valuable accumulated experience, a variety of City Tour programs at each Destination to achieve what we feel that is the expectation of our guests in a short visit guided.